Oh, the places my finds will go . . . Simply Farmhouse in South Carolina

When I have extra special finds (that for some reason) set awhile at the store, I list them on Etsy. A few weeks ago, I decided to put these precious farmhouse antiques on http://www.etsy.com/shop/GardenStyleLiving

resized sf


. . . and that’s how I met Danielle, of Simply Farmhouse, located in South Carolina. When I saw “Simply Farmhouse” come across my screen as a new Etsy customer, I immediately googled for a website. Honestly, how could I resist with a name like that?

From the homepage I could tell this site was going to be worth a good look . . . and wow, was I right.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 8.10.27 AM

Simply fresh and stunning. I thought you might enjoy taking a look, as well.

I get so excited when I discover talented people and/or businesses who emanate authentic style and a true love for what they do. When those two forces come together it’s such a powerful elixer, and it shows in everything they touch. That’s certainly true of Danielle . . . from her handcrafted furnishings and finishes to the styling of each Simply Farmhouse photo.

Don’t you just adore this table?

simply farmhouse

Here’s another angle, because seriously, it stole my heart.


It’s such an amazing recreation of those farmhouse tables we all want, but can’t ever seem to find! It’s done so well . . . the proportions and details are spot on, and that washed finish is absolutely dreamy. Did I just say “dreamy”? Well, it is. Danielle’s authentic-looking finishes are where the true love of her talent shines.

Still, the actual design of each piece is where it all starts.

The round table below is just as awesome as the one above. It has such life and warmth . . . of course the tones of the rest of the room play into that, as well.  Just beautiful.

sf dining room

Here’s a better look at it this AWESOME pedestal table. Awesome, awesome lines. And that crack on the foot is the cherry on top :)

simply farmhouse 3

As much as I love these tables, I can’t stop staring at the Swedish-style chest in the background of the above photo. Here it is up close; her eye for color and application is such a gift. . .


On a more practical note, I definitely need this bench-style beauty behind my sofa. So useful — the design allows for some roomy storage space. Wonder where she got that basket??

simply farmhouse 2

Here are a few more shots of her products . . . but her site is full of them.

sf farm table

sf farm table 2

simply farmhouse 7

And here’s her beautiful home. . .




So, of course, after seeing her wonderful website I just had to ask how she planned on using my little antique farmhouse finds. “Those — I’m keeping for my house,” she said.  Good girl.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon :)

For more information on Simply Farmhouse and their products and design services, click the link below:


*all images except for the first 2 are the work and product of SimplyFarmhouse.com


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