Take an Extra 10% off Lowest Price

UPDATE: Take an extra 10% off the lowest price. PLEASE! Hahahaha . . . . The load is definitely lightening, but there are still lots fun finds left, which means packing : (

While I’m 99% sure I’m moving the brick and mortar and not closing it, I’d still rather move less. After all, the more I sell the more I can buy for the new location : )

So . . . NEW PRICING: white tags $24 of less are now 30% off  ////  white tags $25 or more are now 35% off   ////  blue tags 10% off the marked price  ////  SAVINGS FROM 30% TO 75% OFF . . . . AND I’M STILL PULLING NEW FINDS OUT OF STORAGE!!

HOURS: WED 9/26/18, THUR 9/27 & FRI 9/28 9:30am – 7:30pm and SAT 9/29 10am – 7pm



Yes . . . after just 12 months, I’m moving the brick and mortar business.  I’m not positive yet as to where I’m moving to, but I am moving out, nonetheless. No one is more surprised than I am . . . Unfortunately, due to some building issues, a lease agreement couldn’t be reached. So much to my surprise, my inventory reduction sale (started to help clear out some items to make room for a Fall Refresh) has turned into a “I need to clear out these buildings by September 30th” SALE.  Yikes for me. Fun for you : )

Over the last few days, I have been feverishly looking for a new location. I have two in mind, but it’s too early to say where I’ll land. When I do find that perfect spot, of course, you’ll be the first to know . . . so please stay tuned! I will relay new location information here and on Instagram (@gardenstyleliving). In the meantime, I’m starting a larger SALE, today 9/20/18, to make the move easier. And you’ll be happy to know I’ve worked very hard to price everything!! Wow, so much never got priced (sorry about that!).

Hope to see everyone!!

Mary : )


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