Garden Style Living, my home away from home, houses much more than an ever-changing collection of cool to classic accessories and furnishings.  It houses all the things I love most. And over time, it’s become the home for my signature decorating aesthetic — my particular version of garden-style, heavily juxtaposed decorating since 1999.  It’s truly a curated collection . . . a mix of unearthed treasures found one piece at a time. Architectural elements. Custom-painted furnishings. Weathered garden ornaments. Elegant chandeliers and mirrors. Rustic, reconstructed originals. Fresh herbs and botanicals.

Walk in one day and you may find vignettes full of European treasures mixed with hip but humble flea market finds.  On the next day, enjoy room-like settings full of locally found vintage and antique pieces . . . combining different eras, various styles of furnishings and moss-covered statuary brought in from the garden.  So if you find yourself nearby, please come in for a visit. You will always find a warm welcome, and hopefully, just the right character pieces to help create your one-of-a-kind home.


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