My Trip to Annie’s

If you haven’t been into the store over the last week or if you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you may not know about my trip last weekend to here . . .


Do you recognize the house? If you spend any time on Pinterest or decorating blogs, I’m sure that you do. This is the 1890’s victorian, just far enough from Chicago, made famous by Annie Brahler. A designer, an importer and a friend who just keeps getting better at all of the above year after year. It’s been over 7 years since that out-of-the-blue phone call I made to her on behalf of a decorating client. (For whom I bought dozens of some of the most amazing European finds unearthed solely by Annie.) And she, and her unbeatable taste have continued to wow me ever since.

She’s about to re-decorate her home for an upcoming photo shoot so she let me buy some of her one-of-a–kind  European finds from her home. I thought you might like a photo tour of this amazing  house and some of the treasures that I brought back with me . . .


Even my poor photography skills can’t mar the beauty and awesome details of this home and Annie’s design talent. This is the front door. Complete with marble baseboard, arched doorways and corinthian style columns — all original.


Just in case you feel faint upon entry, you can land in this plump french beauty awaiting in the vestibule. The down-filled cushion is still lumpy from Jack, her golden retriever’s nap. He and her rescue dog, coco, have the run of the house.


With every visit, I see details I never noticed before . . .IMG_0798

and this is the OUTSIDE of the house.

Here’s a one of my favorite views from the front porch . . .


In the spring, the meticulously clipped boxwoods create a European-inspired, which Annie had installed as part of her home renovation. In the summer, she plants a row of soft pink double-blooming impatiens under the boxwood hedge.

Speaking of the front porch . . .


This is the side door (off the front porch) adjacent to the front door. Oh, yeah, I’m going back in a couple of weeks for this table!! And maybe the bench :)



Every detail of this photo is just glorious. Down to the nestled bird’s nest in her window’s cartouche. They build nests in her planters, chandeliers and woodwork and she lets them be and is thrilled to have them. Lucky birds.


Here’s an awesome picture my daughter, Ella, took of her side entry. The door you see in the picture leads into her dining room. Off to the right is a rose covered arbor (pictured below) that leads to the “back” side porch with yet another door which leads into the kitchen.


This view of the arbor was photographed by Ella from the “back” side porch. That’s her neighbor’s house across the way (and me and my husband:)


Not the best photo angle . . . but this is the side porch complete with working (original) fireplace, marble tile floor and French chandelier. I bought those amazing French chairs. The details on them go on for weeks.

DSCF3210 DSCF3211

Check out this chandy . . .


I think I’m going to grab those marble finials when I go back. AND WHY didn’t I ask about that mirror?? I bought that unbelievable French iron gate behind, yet another, French iron bench. If I were to buy one of the benches, which one???


My head is spinning all over again just looking at these pictures. I’ll give us all some time to recoup from these breathtaking views and share more from my Trip to Annie’s later.

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Til then . . . thanks for reading!


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