Oh, the places my finds will go . . . Soho House, NYC

It continues to utterly amaze me how the internet shrinks the entire world into our reachable grasp. How connections, superficial or deep, next door or across continents, can now be made with just clicks on a keyboard.

Anyone under 30, most likely, is laughing at me right about now. But that’s okay.  I’m the first to admit it took me years to get on board (with technology, that is), but I’m so glad I did. Otherwise, I may never have known about this over-the-top cool place . . .

soho nyc outside

The Soho House was one of my first Esty customers, now that I think about it. As I was printing shipping labels, I remember making a mental note, “that’s a cool name. I should google them.”

Soho House New York, Soho House Los Angeles, Soho House Chicago, London, Berlin, Istanbul . . . I’m mean really, how could I have never heard of the Soho House? Sometimes it becomes acutely aware to me that I live most of my life under a rock.

Look at this place . . .


Clearly, they share my love of crystal, old leather books, and weathered wood (preferably mixed all together :)


And these colors. Above and below. Wonder how long it took for them to get that blue wood stain color just right ?


I can certainly see how my primitive furniture pieces must feel right at home at this place. Lucky finds.





What a concept . . . hotels built for world-wide traveling creatives to land while on location for film and tv productions, photo shoots, music concerts, art exhibits. They even have an in-house screening room for professional guests to present/critique their work during development . . .


I spent years traveling on business during my ad agency days. I never landed at a place like this. And this is just NYC. Check out some of their other locations . . .


Soho House, Istanbul exterior. And some inside views . . .


So elegant . . . although that waiter in the background below looks like a ghost . . .


Still, Soho House Istanbul is my favorite . . . I love the drawing room below. This design team’s use of color is impeccable.


What I admire about these locations most, is how they manage to capture each hotel region’s aesthetic so beautifully. Below are photos from one of the London Soho Houses (apparently there are 3) . . .


Img1349 SHL-6

And then there’s Berlin. A hot bed for cutting edge interior design . . .


The use of the raw concrete structure with the super slick brass and wood bar — what a combo — the essence of garden style decorating.  And that shade of green leather and how it’s picked up on the wall in the background . . . it’s a new favorite.

soho berlin

Just look at the garden-style (juxtaposed) combinations used below . . . traditional chairs in slick white leather, barn wood walls with polished concrete floors, mid century, industrial style lighting over farmhouse chairs and old wood crates against glossy white cabinetry. This team knows how to mix it.


And then there’s utter sophistication . . .


Blended with fresh, but warm, home-style atmosphere . . .


A little glam for the screening room . . .


And bistro with a view . . . (although my eyes would be all over that room).


I think I’ve added Soho House hotel stays — at every location —  to my bucket list, and I didn’t even have a bucket list. How about you?

Even if we can’t cross each of them off our lists any time soon, we can visit them with a few clicks in Google search where you’ll find hundreds of Soho House photos within an “images” search.

Here’s a link to Soho House New York for starters:


Click here to return to the homepage . . .

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon :)

~ Mary

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